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College Success Strategies: Test-Taking

Resources for succeeding in college, including study skills, notetaking, test-taking, and time management.

Test Taking

Although there is no substitute for studying, knowing the material well, and coming to the exam rested and nourished, there are strategies involved in successful test-taking. Watch this video and then consult the sources in the next tabs to learn more. 

Library Bay State College. (2018). Test Taking Strategy Guide. [Video]. Vimeo.

More test-taking tips!

Many students like to use the "Five Day Test Prep" plan before exams. Check out the templates below. 

A few jitters before an important exam are completely normal. If your anxiety before or during tests starts to interfere with your performance, please reach out to the school counselor.

Library Bay State College. (2018). Test anxiety video. [Video]. Vimeo.

After the exam is over, using one of these resources as a guide, take the time to find out why you got the questions wrong that you did. It can help improve your performance on your next exam!