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College Success Strategies: Taking Notes

Resources for succeeding in college, including study skills, notetaking, test-taking, and time management.

Taking Notes

Taking efficient notes during class time is extremely important. Watch this video on note-taking, and then review the note-taking strategies below. To get the most out of lectures, PREVIEW the material in the textbook beforehand. And when class is over, take the time to quickly REVIEW your notes and fill in any gaps (while the material is still fresh in your mind). Even better, compare your notes after class with a friend! 

BYU-Idaho Study Skills Center. (2016, May 24). Note Taking. [Video]. YouTube.

There is a difference between listening and truly understanding what someone is saying. Review these resources below to learn how to actively listen to get the most out of class time

If you prefer to type your notes or record lectures, here are some handy tools you can use! However, keep in mind that some research suggests that students remember more when they hand-write their notes.