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NetTutor: Online Tutoring Guide : Home

A guide for Bay State students on how to use NetTutor, our online tutoring provider.

Free online tutoring for BSC Students!

How to access NetTutor: 

--Log in to a Canvas course 

--Click on the NetTutor link on the left-hand side

--Choose your subject 

--Choose which mode of tutoring you want to receive (live, submit a question, or submit a paper)

NetTutor Options

NetTutor has three options for online tutoring:

--Live Sessions: Meet with a live tutor on a virtual whiteboard (see schedule for available times) 

--Ask a Tutor a Question: Submit a question and get an answer from a tutor within 24 hours

--Online Paper Submission: Upload a PDF of your paper for feedback from a tutor within 24-48 hours

NetTutor Schedule & Subjects

How to Use NetTutor

How to Submit a Paper to NetTutor