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NetTutor: Online Tutoring Guide : Home

A guide for Bay State students on how to use NetTutor, our online tutoring provider. With NetTutor, students can receive free online tutoring from qualified tutors in most subjects, including student success skills, math, accounting, A&P, writing, nursing

NetTutor Online Tutoring

How to access NetTutor: 

  1. Log in to a Canvas course 
  2. Click on the NetTutor link on the left-hand side
  3. Choose your subject 
  4. Choose which mode of tutoring you want to receive (live session, submit a question, or submit a paper)

NetTutor has three options for online tutoring:

  1. Live Sessions: Meet with a live tutor on a virtual whiteboard (see schedule for available times) 
  2. Ask a Tutor a Question: Submit a question and get help from a tutor within 24 hours
  3. Online Paper Submission: Upload a PDF of your paper for feedback from a tutor within 24-48 hours


Remember, while tutors can help you understand difficult concepts or give you feedback on structural, grammatical, or citation issues in your papers, tutors DON'T proofread papers or give you the answers to your homework! Tutors are trained to help you become a successful independent learner.