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All About the BSC Library: Reasons to Use the Library and FAQs

An overview of the BSC Library's resources for new students.


Welcome to the Bay State College Library!  We offer many resources to help you succeed academically at Bay State. In this guide, you will learn about some of our services and resources. 

Top Reasons to Use the Library

Where do I...

The library has tables and chairs for quiet study. If you need to do group work, you can go to the study rooms across the hall from the library, the computer lab down the hall from the library, or the student lounge. 


...borrow a textbook?

The library has copies of MOST of the course textbooks on reserve at the front desk. To use a textbook IN the library for two hours, present your BSC ID at the front desk. Textbooks cannot be removed from the library under any circumstances. If a textbook is removed from the library, the borrowing student's textbook privileges will be revoked.


...get help with my research?

You can come in and talk to the librarian in person, call the library at 617-217-9449, text the library at 857-277-5634, or email


...check out books?

You can check out up to ten books for a two week period at the front desk. You will need to present your Bay State College ID and sign a circulation agreement to check out books. for articles?

Visit the library's Find Articles page to view the available databases. If you need help, please ask a librarian! If you are using the library resources off-campus, you will need to log in here. If you need to request the full text of an article, please email the citation to from your BSC email address. 


...print, copy, or scan?

--Student printing and scanning is free and must be done at one of the print kiosks located at each end of the hall at 31. Ask the library or CTS for assistance with printing.

--Color printing is available in the library for 20 cents per page. Email the document you want printed as a PDF or JPG to and pay at the front desk.

--Photocopying is available in the library for ten cents per page.



...use a computer?

The library has twenty desktop computers available for student use.  



...get help citing resources?

The library has copies of citation manuals on hold at the front desk, along with sample papers and citation handouts. You can also consult the "Cite Your Sources" page of your program's Research Guide.