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NetTutor: Online Tutoring Guide : FAQs about NetTutor

A guide for Bay State students on how to use NetTutor, our online tutoring provider.

FAQs About NetTutor

Do I need to sign up or log in to access NetTutor? 

You don't need a separate log in for NetTutor. Once you have logged into Canvas and click on a course, you click on "NetTutor" in the main left-hand menu. NetTutor then opens and automatically logs you in! 


Are the tutors on NetTutor qualified? 

Tutors on NetTutor possess at least a bachelor's degree, although many have advanced degrees. All tutors have received extensive tutor training. 


What subjects are available for tutoring? 

The tutoring subject list is here. The live tutoring schedule is here


How can I review my past sessions with an online tutor? 

Click on "My NetTutorial Archive."


How do the live sessions on the virtual whiteboard work? 

Here's a sample math session and here's a sample psychology session


What kind of feedback will I get on a paper submission? 

Here's a sample paper submission