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Research Fundamentals: 4. Find Books

Proceed through each tab in this guide and learn how to become more efficient and skilled at library research.

Finding Print Books @ BSC Library

If you aren't taking classes on-ground at Bay State, you might never need to find a print book in our library. However, the techniques you will learn on this page will generally apply to finding books in any library using a library catalog. 


  • Library catalogs contain records of all the items a library owns.
  • You can search the BSC Library's print book collection by searching the library's catalog by TITLE, AUTHOR, or KEYWORDS.
  • You can switch the drop-down next to the search box to sort your results by relevance (if needed).
  • Once you click on a particular title, you will see information about that book including the AUTHOR, PUBLICATION DATE, and CALL NUMBER.
  • Call numbers are like the address of the book. The call number tells us where to find the book on the library shelf. 

DIRECTIONS: Watch this brief video to learn how to search the BSC Library catalog

To search the library catalog, type in your keywords and choose from the pull-down menu:

  • "All words": Searches titles, subjects, and descriptions of books in the catalog.  This is the broadest search.

  • "Title": Searches only book titles for the specific terms you entered.

  • "Author": Searches only books that have a specific author. 

  •  "Subject": Searches only subject headings for terms entered. Subject headings are special vocabulary used by librarians who created the records. Note: use this search only if you know the subject heading for a certain concept!

Once you select the field you want to search, press ENTER.


DIRECTIONS: Watch this video to learn how to use call numbers to find a book on the shelf!

 Laurentian Library. (2014, August 6). Reading LC call numbers (edited version of Douglas College's video) [VIdeo].  YouTube.



‚ÄčTo check out books from the Bay State College Library:

  1. Sign a circulation agreement and provide your BSC ID at the library's front desk. 

  2. You can check up to 10 books at a time.

  3. Books can be checked out for two weeks and renewed twice.