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The Bay State Teaching Excellence Guide: Technology Tools for Remote Learning

Teaching resources for BSC faculty.

Using Technology in Teaching

Looking for a tech tool for your online course?  Check these tools that are either free or offered through Bay State!

1) How should I record my lectures?  What is the best way to do so?

  • It depends on your style and what you're trying to do.  You can check out Illinois' Delivering Lectures to look at the options.

  • PowerPoint: If you want to record Narration in PowerPoint, here's a video to check out.  Here is the documentation (for the most recent version).

2) How do I use tools like Google Drive to teach?

3) I am planning to use Teams to teach online. How do I get started?

  • If you scroll down to "Available Through Bay State", there is a tab called "Teaching With Teams" that has some resources to help you!


Tools Available Through Bay State

Tool Purpose
Conferences (aka "Big Blue Button") Web Conference/Meetings.  Documentation here.  This PDF called Teaching Online Through Canvas has some useful tips.
Collaborations Collaboration-you can add Google documents or Microsoft documents to use as a whiteboard or way for your students to collaborate.  In your course, go to Collaborations to set up documents and groups.  More information in the Canvas Documentation.
Studio Presentations--Upload and manipulate YouTube Videos or other video files for your courses.  Here are the instructions.
Inbox Send messages to students and co-teachers through Canvas


Tool Purpose
Whiteboard Online white board--free-form drawing, collaboration tool.  Access from Outlook apps on the Microsoft Office homepage after you login.
One Drive Documents/Slides/Spreadsheets/Collaboration
Teams Collaboration--Access from the main Outlook page

Free Tools