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Literature Reviews: 2. Searching for Information

Resources for students and faculty doing literature reviews.

2. Searching for Information

Your literature review should be focused on scholarly resources.


Examples of scholarly resources include:


  • Books
  • Journal articles
  • Dissertations/theses
  • Statistics and government information

Here are some questions that may be helpful for you to answer before beginning your research. If you can't find this information, please ask your professor!


1. How long is the lit review expected to be?


2. How many sources are required?


3. Are there any restrictions on publication year?


4. What kinds of sources are you allowed to use?


For guidance on which library resources to use to do your research, check out the research guide for your major or research subject here: 

Research can be challenging. If you need help, check out the Research Fundamentals tutorial to get help determining keywords, using the databases, and more.  If you are struggling, do not hesitate to contact the library for help!


You can contact the library in the following ways:


Phone: 617-217-9449

Send the article's citation to from your BSC email to request an article through inter-library loan.