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International Student Guide: BSC Library Databases With Language Support

Resources to help international students navigate American college libraries, understand plagiarism, and find materials in multiple languages.

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Language Support Guides

Choose the Interface Language

EBSCO allows you to set the language you want to use while operating the database. Select the language you want to use by selecting the language you want to use from the pulldown Languages menu at the top right of the screen.


Search for Articles in A Particular Language 

You can retrieve articles in languages other than English.

1) On the main search screen, go to the Search Options below the search bar and find Language.

2) Select the language you want from the list.

NOTE: Using this will limit your results, so you may not find as many articles as you would ordinarily, so keep that in mind!

Translate the HTML Texts of Articles

If there is an HTLML version of the full-text you are reading, you are able to translate the text using the pull-down menu. Note that this may be a more literal translation, but may help you get started.

1)  Go to Choose Language in the article record

2) Select the language you want from the pull-down menu. 

Choose the Interface Language

You can set what language you want to operate Gale.

1) Go to the very top where you will see the default language is English.

2) Click the pulldown menu and select the language you want to use.

Translate Articles

You can translate articles into another language.

1) Click on the translate icon beneath the article article.

2) Select the language you want from the pull-down menu.  

3) Confirm that you want the full article to be translated.

Change the Interface Language

ProQuest allows users to set the lanague the database controls and instructions appear in.

1) Go to the top of screen and click on the icon of the person.  At the bottom of the pulldown menu, you will see the word "English".

2) Click on English.

2) Find your language in the list and select it by clicking on it.

Select Articles by Language

You can retrieve articles in other languages by using the limiters.

1) Perform your search in ProQuest.

2) Go to the left-hand menu and scroll down until you find Language.

3) Click on the down arrow next to Language. If you don't see your language, click More.

4) Select your language.  If your language is on the first list, you can just click it right away. If you clicked on More, click the Include box next to your language.

Translate Articles

You can translate full-text articles if there is an HTML version (you cannot translate PDFs). 

1) Open the article by clicking Full-Text

2) Underneath the words Full-Text, you will see the word Translate.  Click on Translate.

3) You will then see two bars asking to select the language the article is in and the language into which you want to translate the article. Select the original language and the language you want from the pull-down menus. Click the green button that says Translate.