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Criminal Justice: Create Your Bibliography-9th Edition

Resources for students and faculty doing research in criminal justice.

3. Creating Your Bibliography

DIRECTIONS: Please follow these steps to format your bibliography.

  • Your bibliography should come after the endnotes page.
  • Start your bibliography on a new page.
  • Write Bibliography at the top of the page; center and bold it. 
  • Hit enter twice before starting your first entry.
  • All entries are single-spaced.
  • All entries are left-aligned.
  • Indent the second line 1/2 inch. You can learn how to create a hanging indent by using this article from Microsoft Word.
  • Add a paragraph break in between entries.
  • Alphabetize all entries by author.
  • For multiple works by the same author, replace the name with 3 em dashes (---) after the first entry.

To see an example, check out this sample bibliography.

Want to have all the information in one place? Download and/or print this handout!