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Instructions on how to access and use for Bay State students


1) Go to any of your courses in Canvas.

2) Click on in the left-hand course menu.

3) You will then be taken to to use the services. You can meet with a tutor, submit a paper for feedback, or schedule a tutoring session.

Course menu in Canvas. Arrow points to " 24/7 Online Tutoring"

The homepage gives you a couple of options to access's services. You can use the menu at the very top of the screen or click the buttons below. Students can connect directly with a tutor, submit a paper for feedback, schedule an appointment, or use self-study materials.

A full list of subjects can be found on the website.


1) To connect with a tutor right away, go to the top menu and click on "Connect With a Tutor Now". You can also click on the yellow "Connect Now" button on the homepage.

2) Select the subject you need help with from the Topic pulldown menu.

3) Select the specific sub-area you need from the Subject pulldown menu.

4) Choose whether you want to use chat or chat with voice.

5) Write your question and upload any files.

6) Click the yellow Submit button. From there, you will be connected with a tutor.


You can drop off papers to be reviewed for feedback. Please submit your paper at least twenty four hours before it's due! Your tutor has twelve hours to review your paper and give you feedback, and you will also want time to incorporate their suggestions.

How to submit a paper:

1) Click on Drop Off Your Work in the menu at the top of the screen and then select Writing Review. You can also go to Writing Review tile on the main page and click Submit.

2) Fill out the form to inform the tutor about your assignment. You will be asked to include the due date, where you are in the process, areas you want help with, assignment instructions, and topic.

3)  Attach your document by clicking Attach File.

4) Click the yellow Submit button.

1) Click on "Schedule a Session" in the top menu and select " Exclusive Tutors". You can also go "Schedule a session with a tutor" on the page and click the blue Schedule button.

2) You will see a page with a list of tutors. Select the subject you need help in from the pull-down menu. You can sort your results by next available or rating.

3) Click on the tutor you are interested in working with. If they are available for scheduled appointments, you will see a calendar to the right of their profile picture.

4) Select a date, the duration you want to be (30 minutes or 60 minutes), the topic, and subject.

5) Write your question and attach any files.

6) Click the yellow Schedule Session button to submit your request.


You can see your completed sessions and favorite tutors from the My Account page.

How to View Previous Sessions:

1) Go to "My Account", which is located in the top menu.

2) Select "Completed Sessions"

3) You will see a record of your sessions. You can view transcripts and any corrected papers.

How to Add a Tutor to Your Favorite Tutors List

Want to work with the same tutor again? You can add tutors to your favorites list by going to your Completed Sessions and clicking "Add to Faves" next to the tutor's name.

To access your list of favorite tutors, go to My Account and click on Favorite Tutors.