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Get Ready to Vote!

by Megan Rupe on 2022-10-20T11:21:00-04:00 | 0 Comments

Election Day is November 8th.Check that you are registered to vote on the Massachusetts SEC website ( or with your state of residence (Visit the National Association of Secretary of States' Can I Vote page to learn how to check your status).

Here are some tips for helping to find information on candidates and ballot questions. 

For candidates for office:

1) Search for candidate websites to read about their stances on issues as well as their background and experience. 

2) Search for news stories about a candidate's stances and activities. You can use Google (or another preferred search engine) or  ProQuest to find resources. If they are running for a role where the candidates may have debated, you may be able to find news coverage or a recording.

3) For House of Representative and Senate candidates running for re-election, you can also check their voting records using GovTrack.

For Ballot Questions:

The text for ballot questions are on the secretary of state's site or on Ballotpedia. You can also find information by searching news coverage. If possible, try to find coverage that presents both sides or that addresses possible impact.


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