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OER Student Guide: Reading & Learning from Digital Texts: 1. What are OERs?

Use this guide to help you learn to navigate your electronic textbooks and open educational resource materials.

1. What are OERs?

What are OERs? 

Open Educational Resources (also known as OERs) are educational materials created with the express purpose of being freely used and re-mixed by teachers and students. Examples include books, full courses, videos, and modules. When instructors adopt an OER text for their course, students save money, lowering their cost of obtaining a college degree. 

What does Bay State's OER Initiative, Project Zero, mean for students? 

Bay State is in the process of transitioning many courses from traditional textbooks to OERs and library ebooks in order to help our students save money and make the cost of a college education more affordable.

Why did you make this guide?  

We are hoping this guide will give you some strategies for reading and learning from digital texts. Learning from online materials can be a bit different than traditional textbooks, and we hope this guide will help make the transition a bit easier!